personalised dog drawings

CASETiFY的強悍防摔手機保護殼通過高度為6.6英尺的跌落測試認可, 採用qitech™的雙層緩震材料製成。

personalised dog drawings

Selfies everywhere. Our phone cases make their way into the hands of A-listers, influencers, and reality stars alike.

personalised dog drawings

Custom Phone Cases




These are soooo soft and look great. Husband says they ride up a little when he wears them to walk the golf course, but he hasn't had any issue wearing them during a normal day. He likes them enough to wish all his underwear was this nice.
Awesome look, great glass and fit. My Best buy skydiving glasses

I'll be ordering more soon
I love this little bag. Just the right size if you're looking for a medium size crossbody. So cute too. Very well made.
This wallet is very nice. Fully stuffed, it's about the size of a bottle of nail polish.
The ID holder/display on the front is firm enough to hold ID in but not too difficult to make it IMPOSSIBLE to get out (you know those wallets.. ugh!). This one is perfect. It holds all of my cards, even has a couple slots in the card area for things you want more secure or other things (I put a couple coupons in there). It's nice and compact, it's not over the top with extras. My only complaint is the change pocket is pretty small. But, maybe that's a good thing, I'll start using my change more and not collect SO MUCH! All in all.. I LOVE THIS wallet!
Used them for 2 weeks plus..def. More noticable that they are there dur to the heavy duty elastic but one has not popped yet...they hold strong and don't tear up the shirt..claspes seem strong and everything is built to last...recommended to my hole agency!
product came as advertised fit well and works great outrside
Little wide
This purse was such a good purchase. The length of the strap goes as long as I need to become a cross-body bag, and short enough to be a tote/shoulder bag. The green isn't overbearing as a color. 4 stars because I think the interior middle pocket is a little small, but the bag is so functional and holds nearly everything I need without looking too stuffed/full. Highly recommend!
Great for sports and lots of walking.
Loved it, perfect size/color for what I wanted. Great quality for organization price, doesnt look cheap.
So cute my daughter loves them. I like the screw on backs.
My husband does not like bulky wallets and he is very pleased with this one
Well priced
Best Belt. Wear it everyday.
Sturdy Socks.
just like the others i ordered
bought these for my man he loves them not like sweatpants theres no fleece lining on the inside so not really for cold weather more for mid summer or lounging around the house they fit him perfect and hes 5'11''
The suspenders work really well if the clasps will stay put (clothing slips out of the closed clasp). At least once per day there is one of the clasps that releases its grip on my trousers. UPSHOT: no matter how good the strap material, if the clasps won't stay put, then it renders the suspenders useless. The primary problem I see is that the clasps are constructed with plastic discs that are used to hold the trousers. Though the plastic discs do indeed have teeth, the teeth don't grip the clothing well enough to keep the clothing from slipping out from the clasp. I cannot tell whether this is a problem with the tightness with which the clasp pushes the plastic discs together or if it is a problem with the plastic discs themselves -- something that the manufacturer needs to query. Regardless, I will be returning the suspenders as defective.
Fits well. The description says Beige, but it is Creme. A bit more yellowish than in the picture.
beautiful, functional and holding up well, I love it
This belt is amazing, best belt I've ever worn. I barely even know it's there it holds nice and snug and is very comfortable. You get to control what size it is, not holes or anything else and the best is the slimness of buckle! Definitely recommended belt
My daughter was wearing her watch for the first time and the band broke by the watch face and she lost the pin
I like them, you don't have to readjuste it through the day like others. Good materials. And you don't have to take it off when you go through a metal detector.
perfect small size, but holds a lot, love the grey color
These sunglasses came nicely packaged in a hard carrying case. You can tell they are polarized by how they make things change color when you look at certain glass, like cars. Polarized glasses are the best for your eyes and these really make a difference. Plus, you can use them at night since it changed the color of the lens with direct sun or not! Great pair and comfortable!
Love them well made
Best socks I have ever had.
need to change size ratting fits to tight choose larger sizeérielle-Multifonctionnel-Intelligent