design your own mobile phone case

CASETiFY インパクトケースは、耐衝撃性のある素材「qitech™」を使用した二重構造で、 スマホを衝撃から守ります。

design your own mobile phone case

Selfies everywhere. Our phone cases make their way into the hands of A-listers, influencers, and reality stars alike.

design your own mobile phone case

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My dad got this for me for my birthday and I love it . Its so soft and comfortable
I loved these glasses. Fit perfectly and good quality
These sunglasses were made better than expected for the price and the case is nice, as well. Definitely a good buy.
Love it. Wear it 24/7
Very happy with this purchase. I was concerned that the fit would not be right, but it was fine and the sight lines are clear.
Lookd cheap , not warm , otherwise nice pants for home and sports.
I purchased these for my daughter's dance routines. I was skeptical, because my daughter is very skinny, and I was afraid these would be loose on her. To my surprise, they fit her like leggings should fit a person! I am so happy!!!
these are nice enough, but I want to be sure others know that these are not dainty- they are actually rather large, even for me with big earlobes.
the most uncomfortable underwear ever, If you wanted to sand your nuts these are for you. Wanna chafe your inner thighs? These are for you... want underwear that you can feel against your skin every second you have them on? Underwear so stiff and gritty you could use them to sand down Spackle? Underwear so ridiculously uncomfortable that you will wake up tearing at them to get them away from your skin? Then get these!
I had gotten it for my daughter. She loved it so much.
These shorts are awesome. Really like the side pockets for holding phone and keys. Will order more.
He looks like a cop when he wears them.
I think he gave it to my brother though... He looks like a douche when he wears them.

Pretty sturdy. My brother accidentally sat on them and they bent but he managed to fix them without a problem. (Not that anyone should do this since they're so damn expensive...)
They look nice and they don't fall off your face even when you shake your head like an idiot.
Half of the tag coming off.. that kinda bothers me. Anyhow the benie itself is warm and fits nice feels good as well
My coworker raved over these when I had them on. She admired how shiny and rich they look. They still look just as beautiful as they did when I received them. I will definitely purchase another set in a different size because I know that quality and longevity are guaranteed!
Love it
I purchased this t-shirt ("Denim" color) with the purpose of bleach dying it. To my surprise and frustration, this shirt would not bleach. I am so confused by it. I first diluted the bleach (as you usually should) with water and applied it to the shirt. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then rinsed and washed. NOTHING. Then I tried again. This time without diluting and leaving it on for hours. Still nothing. With this being 100% cotton and "dyed" like it says in the description, it should bleach - am I wrong? The bleach is brand new, chlorine bleach. Trust me - I re-read the bottle a million times because I was so confused. Then stranger part was that I washed the shirt by itself when I first got it, to remove any protectant that may be on it. And what do ya know - a bleach spot was on it. I don't know how but obviously didn't care since I was planning on doing that anyways. I just don't understand. The description even says you should wash it by itself first in case the dye bleeds. I feel bad giving it 2 stars since it's an okay shirt, and clearly holds up against bleach. But it didn't work for my intended purpose, nor do I feel like the description is accurate.
We just got it, but so far is great. Lop top and books fit just fine...
Just enough room for a small wallet, my iPhone, and the other travel necessities!
Its great with a very clean design this product was money well spent
Fits. Great quality.
Just as described & super fast shipping!
Fit perfect!
Well made and comfortable
They are great
I have a 37 inch waist and ordered the 37-42 and after I cut off about 3 inches it was perfect. The leather is good quality and not cheap. The instructions could have been a bit more explanatory though.
Very nice robe.
I love it! The quality, candy colors, everything is great and the price is amazing. Im a Carters customer and I think this one is a little thin than Carters, but is a great deal, worth the price.
For the price, this belt offers better quality than the competition.
It was easy to setup - just put the belt around your waist, allow extra length to let the buckled end to come out at a reasonable length. Trim the belt to the needed length, flip the teethed flap up, insert the belt, press the flap down to allow the teeth to bite into the belt, ie to lock the belt securely. Thats it. Done.

I wore it the first time today. The buckle easily hooked into one of the slots on the belt to lock into place. It was comfortable to wear.
To unbuckle, just press the lock flap to release.

I hope it lasts. Time wil tell.