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Great fit, material is soft and comfortable. Does not wrinkle after dryer or during the time I wear it. Best tee shirts I have ever owned. This is my third order of 5.
Rugged, comfortable jeans. Very good as a work pant, however, I just like they way they look. The fit is good with room
in those important areas.
I expect to get many years of service from these pants.
Idk what everyone is upset about its 10 for $13... thats like a dollar a pop. You get what you pay for so expect them to not be the best socks you have ever worn but also, for the price, I gotta say theyre pretty freakin good! I like em. Theyre comfy. I got two packs so Im set for a while with socks and that makes me happy. Cheap. Satisfied. Woot woot.
You favorite anklet!
Great product, works well and feels comfortable.
This is a great minimalist wallet with plenty of space for the cards that are needed on a daily basis.
Good quality, love color, plenty of room.
This wallet seems to be made really well. The latch seems to be very secure so I don't have to worry about it flopping open and loosing anything. There are plenty of slots for all of my credit cards. The drivers license is hard to get out but I hope that with break in time it will be more easy to get out.
I got these socks because I am not used to having high top steel toe shoes. The boots were rubbing my legs raw from short socks above the ankle. After receiving these, they covered the area that was being rubbed but think I may need to double the socks as it still gets irritated around the same area. They do help keep my feet dry and that's awesome.
Nice socks. Good fit. They don't shrink too much. The toes don't have a bunch of loose threads up in there.
Beautiful. Just right for my daughter
Perfect, just what I have been looking for.
I like them. They look good on my face
Not to be insulting, but my bf has a big head by his own reporting. This did not fit well, it was too small. If it had an adjustable band around the head, it would be a 4 star. The flap blows in the wind and makes it hard for him to hear. We bought it to wear on our boat.
It's a bit too stiff of a wallet and seems fragilely constructed
Felt cute wearing the glasses exactly what I wanted.
I love them.
We each bought one....they worked great. Were purchased for a trip expecting rain. Received some, plus they were just right weight for temps in the 50's....
Good sunglasses.
I have wide feet and thick calves so it is difficult to impossible to find comfortable footwear Most retail outlets sell socks up to size 12 which cut in to my calf muscle after a few hours wear. I've worn the Gold Toes exclusively since receiving them a few weeks ago. They are very comfortable and do not stress me or my feet. I plan on ordering another pack soon. BTW, the price is right as well..
Bought this for travel, (no metal, so you can leave it on going through security), but I now use it every day. Only criticism is fraying on the "cut" end. I remedied that with a soldering iron. The material is woven plastic and melts easily.
just what I needed.
I was in the Marines, they fir perfect.
These sunglasses are a great value. I bought ten pair for my husband because he always breaks or loses his glasses. They all come with their own case and a cleaning cloth which is very nice, and they are polarized. He loves them.
Like them a lot. Nice
I love it!!
Great for wearing at the end of the day when you don't want any more sun or when it gets chilly.
Beautiful earrings and great quality. Very comfortable. I would recommend this product.
The only thing I don't like about it is,that I have to wash it with out fabric softener. I have to make a special load just to wash it.
Im a 56 130 lb woman and bought a mens small. Fits perfectly, didnt shrink. I like the length, fitted cuffs and bottom for winter. I usually look for all cotton but anything black usually fades, and this fabric looks like it will age well.
awesome love these things