You get what you pay for... this wasn't much!
Soft but structured. Feels and fits well on head.
Size and fit is great. Unfortunately, the first time worn the waist button broke (front of it came off) and the left somewhat sharp edges. Being a grommet type button, can't replace it.
Pros: fast delivery
Cons: does not seem authentic with cheap materials, torn at seams after a few washes, way too small for other ck materials
The product is perfect. What is not perfect is: It was Delivered to the wrong apartment. In the end tho...It was given to me by the person that lives in apt 113. I think it's kinda hard to mistake apt 113 from 104, But it happens. Our eyes deceive us sometimes. Thanks...Happy camper...Joel
Good quality & fit.
Soft, fits well and has extra room where needed
My grandson loved the look and wears it every day
I bought this for my uncle who lost his son ( my cousin). My cousin was a fisherman and just before he died he got a tattoo of an anchor, so I thought this was fitting. My uncle loved it and he ended up buying another one for his other son so they could both have him around their neck.

My uncle said he even wears it in the shower so it must be sealed up pretty good.

Like I said, I don't have personal experience with this item, but they both love it.
Wonderful glasses. Very comfortable and great quality and price!
Nice hat. Too small. Doesnt fit
Love them! I ordered two pairs, the yellow and blue ones. They both came with a small gift of a hair band with a charm. The cases that came with them seem durable as well.
Excellent quality and size was perfect. Arrived on time as promised.
these were the best!!!!!! scratched a bit because i have worn them so much but they are still working. Kayak in them everyday for 3 years and they haven't broke yet.
Cheap quality glasses! Cant go wrong!
Just beautiful. Looks great along with my Michelle mini urban watch
I got this for my husband as he was in the market for a new belt, and his favorite color is black, but he's very hard on them as he uses them for both work and daily use. This Amazon Essentials belt so far has actually kept up with his everyday use of it, which I was highly surprised, as he's rough with his clothing. When he comes home from work, he does work in a smelly mill, and I have a special place in my mudroom where he is able to hang his helmet, etc., and I wipe down his belt almost daily when he comes in with a wet washcloth to get the mill smell off of it. Currently it was worked, and when he uses the belt for daily non work use, it has no smell to it, and there are no strings flying off, or anything else that is loose on it! It is a dressy belt, but it's so easy to use it for his cargo shorts, khakis, or even business attire as it really does work with all sorts of bottoms. To me it dresses it all up more, and he loves it! He did say it is comfortable to use, and easy to secure on his waist, and never slides down.
Nice quality so I'll keep them even though they may be a bit too big. (Belt is necessary)
Quality wise, it's exactly like my other hat that this was intended to replace. Just a light, cotton hat. However, it is a little tall from the bottom edge of the hat to the top. If the distance from your ears(where your sunglass arms' would rest) to the top of your head is a little on the short side then, the rim of the hat will "bottom out" on your ears and the top of the hat will not rest on the top of your head. If you snug it down on your head, then the rim of the hat will push out your ears. If that make sense, lol.

That is fine for a cap that has "structure". Those caps usually sit high on your head anyway. But an unstructured light cotton cap is made to sit snug down on your head, like a painter's cap. I gave it 2 stars because even though it's a nice hat, the buyer did misrepresent the hat by calling it "low profile", it's not wearable for me. The one I had before has a "lower profile", in fact all the caps I've ever owned had a lower profile than this one so to call it low profile specifically? Which is why I bought it.
Nice belt. It Looks great
If you're going to sell something as an XL, why not make it a little bigger so when it's washed it still fits!
Brown belt is really nice. Color good and isn't laminated leather but solid. I would buy it again.
Very nice product. My 4 year old loved all the different choices and the Christmas pack. The only part we didn't like is the backs to the earrings. The first pair we out on she ended up losing both of them because the backs were to loose. Had to find some other back we had and see if they fit the earing. Otherwise the are beautiful
Amazing! I will buy more in other colors! Such good quality and size for the price!
cheap clasp broke first day belt ok
With the new stadium/venue clear bag rule it is becoming harder to find a cute clear bag that is approved, but look no more. This transparent plastic bag is absolutely adorable. One of my favorite features is the adjustable strap, it also has an outside side pocket for your cell phone. The quality is great and I highly recommend this bag!
Worn 1 time and already coming apart on top. Otherwise hat is great and very comfortable
Really awesome socks. Hands down best socks I own, will be buying more soon.
Top notch quality! Highly recommended!!
My husband bought these. He loves them. Fits good and very comfortable.