Bow fell off front of bag after dropping on the floor. Looks nice but is very CHEAP
Okay, listen, Gildan hoodies are ALWAYS a size small, always, or at least damn near always. This is the brand that most colleges use for their hoodies (as I have been to a college soon to be university and three state universities & this is always the brand used, onlyother brand I've seen is champion and I'd still recommend sizing up one in them too), and I have YET to buy one that wasn't a size small... I am a perfect 'large' size and I have to buy these in an XL for the "classic hoodie fit." Just so You can gauge my size against yours, I am 6'1, 185 - 190 lbs, 44-45 inch chest, 18.5 inch shoulder to shoulder span, sitting right around a 34 inch waist (in American sized pants, so actually by the measuring tape probably around a 36 inch waist), and am about an average to athletic build depending on when you catch me lol... Point is I am a perfect large in just about anything I buy and I have always had to size up one size in Gildan hoodies. As far as the weight goes this is a mid to heavyweight hoodie (no premium stretchy BS here), and is pretty much unbeatable for the price. You could possibly layer these with a jacket but it'd probably be a little bit of a tight fit... Hope this helped fellas.
Excellent quality. And the neck flap can be hidden away too
This is my 2nd pair and I love these. Great fit and looks sporty.
Sleek appearance but carries too few cards and money Returned it for a bigger wallet
Very nice, however, teal blue color shown is not correct, is denim blue. Very nice however.
Fits just right. Hasn't faded after 5 washes and no shrinkage.
Purchased for my husband. He was really happy with it!
Excellent product!
Nice quality; great price! Cute blue pattern and strap detail. Id say the fit is a little small- my daughter normally wears a 7, but we got her the 8 and its tight. I think for swimming, it should be tight, but she feels its a little too tight.
Stayed on thigh. Was comfortable. Held shirt securely.
Super comfortable. Shipped without issue. Sizing is confusing but it works. I ordered m 32-34. The boxers say 3xl but fit great.
Great crossbody bag! Just the right size to carry everyday.
Not for wide feet.
I like it
The waist is to tight for my liking, if you like them loose somewhat maybe get a size or two bigger.
The fit is great! Thanks...
Muy mal producto. No s cmo Amazon permite la venta de este producto. Es una estafa. No pierda su dinero en algo de mala calidad.
I have had one before and when I visit store the size I need were never available. So I decided to get them from Amazon. It's very nice and comfortable. Thank you.
Love it!
Also, 2 holes in the side, each of which has zero holes on the other end. These things are topological miracles!

They fit comfortably, move when they should, and allow me all the range of motion I could ever desire while running, cycling, stretching, or snacking on the couch.
Too large for my face. Hideous looking.
Good value for money!!
Very nice quality. they seem well made. They are a good size. They have a nice weight. These look good as well. I am all around happy with this string of beads.
It's not the nicest looking bag but I bought it for utility and it's great.
very nice
These are the best sunglasses! So happy with them!!
Great jeans. Fit perfectly.
bought these for my husband. fit as expected and would definitely buy them again.