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puppy tote bag

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puppy tote bag

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After using a fabric trifold for many years, I switched to the TRAVELAMBO leather trifold with RFID theft protection. My pleasant surprise was that for the price of the trifold, this was an excellent purchase. Not only did it take all of my credit cards, it still folded flatter than my previous fabric trifold. As far as value for the price.....H-ll Yes!
Cute daughter loved it, her first necklace
Very inexpensive looking.
Cute watch. Good for the price. My 3 year old loves it. I would say it's pretty durable because she's had it for 5 months now and it still works well with all pieces intact. It comes in a nice reusable tin container.
Would def buy again.
Decent material but the waistband has minimal to no elastic and the drawstring is the only thing to keep the shorts up.
Good product great value for money
Colors match the pictures and size are great
Comfortable and definitely the quality you'd expect from Hanes.
Fits as expexted and seems weel made.
I love this product keep the sweat out of your eyes
Zipper pull broke, other than that I love ot. Good quality and attractive
Shirts are thin as expected and fit is great. Had one damaged which is not so great.
I wear them everyday. Awesome socks.
Well organized and easy to use. Allows carrying a lot of things while being hands free while walking, shopping and easy on the shoulder.
Edit: 1/15/2019:
I've edited this review multiple times over the years. These socks are obviously popular with more people than just diabetics. If you have wide feet or overall big feet, these socks and their past "extra give" they have were an excellent choice as your daily sock.

This is the part we've all noticed: The blue stitch on the toes has turned into a gray/brown stitch. The gray/brown stitch pairs are not as wide, not as long and don't have as much give in them. I even tried ordering some from Walmart's website since they too show the blue stitch on the toes. Those came right before Christmas 2018 and were gray/brown.

I decided to order these newest ones from Amazon because the description and sizes have changed. According to my order and this product's page, I ordered the Men's size 12-15.

Here are four shoes I currently wear and their sizes: Brooks Ghost Goretex size 12, Brooks Bedlam size 11.5, New Balance 990v4 size 11 4E, New Balance 1080v8 size 11 2E. That puts me in an uncomfortable position since I'm just below the 12-15 group and my feet are wide. But because all of the recent Medipeds have been to small, I thought the 12-15 would fix that problem.

They arrived on 1/14/2019. I want to repeat this part ... the order says, "Men's, shoe size 12-15". The ones that came have the brown/gray stitch instead of the blue and the packaging says, "Unisex, shoe size 7-12." This is obviously wrong and the unisex part bothers me more than the wrong size being sent. As gray/brown would be a unisex color. The new ones don't fit any better than the previous gray/brown stitch socks and even worse, they are longer by about an inch than the previous gray/brown ones I received. They are not wider at all.

Yet another return of these once great socks. I did test the unisex part out. My wife wears a 9 in women's shoes and these socks fit her very well. Think about that. I wear an 11-12 with some requiring extra wide widths in men's and they fit a women's size 9. Hopefully, Medipeds will realize unisex socks aren't a good idea, especially from the male side of it. I'm now going to look around and see if I can't find a different brand that makes a good, stretchy sock that doesn't bind and fits the bigger end of foot sizes. I lowered the score to 3 stars from 4, they were originally a 5.
Edit: 11/14/2018:
These are my favorite socks despite not being a diabetic. I like the non-binding of them and what I would call a looseness that doesn't bunch up. I ordered a new 8 pack two weeks ago. I probably have 16 pairs of them before ordering this pack. This pack comes and I instantly noticed something was different. The blue medipeds stitch on the toe is now tan. Sounds petty but everybody in my family wears black socks. Mine were easy to keep separate because of the blue lettering. Then, I put them on. They're still comfortable but they're not as loose feeling. I'm taking a star off my original review which you can read below the line. My shoe size is New Balance 11 2E or 11.5 in any other brand.

I'll start by saying I'm not a diabetic, but I've had numerous leg injuries, work on my feet quite a bit and I've had feet problems similar to diabetics. Most socks like to leave their band-print on my ankle. As the weather gets colder, and especially this year, since we're going to be working up in the Smoky Mountains after the forest fires, I knew I needed to get some fairly warm socks that don't cut my circulation off.

I own quite a few different pairs of these types of socks.
Probably 10 pairs of the Dr. Scholl's Diabetic Quarter Socks
Four or five pairs of the Gold Toe SoleUtion Quarter Socks
Four pairs of Gold Toe Fairway Tab Quarter Socks
The Dr. Scholl's were my favorites for a year or so, but they've lost their shape and they slide up and down on my feet. The Gold Toe SoleUtion are very good, but if you've shopped for them, you know how hard they can be to find. The Gold Toe Fairway Tab is also a good option. The advantage to it is it has a pull tab on the back of the sock (back of ankle), which stops the elastic from binding into your leg, but ...

A few months ago, my wife and I went on a weekend vacation and I, like most men, forgot my socks. I found a two-pack of these MediPEDS at a drugstore and couldn't believe how good they felt. They have more all-around cushion than those listed above, the SoleUtion has a better cushioned sole, but not up around the ankles. Admittedly, I paid around fifteen dollars for the two pairs at the drugstore. So, like most of you, I was going through my family's Christmas list and suddenly saw these, 8 pairs for twenty dollars. I ordered them while purging my cart of everyone's Christmas gifts and sending those to the "save for later" area. They're really good socks, very comfortable and more importantly at this time of the year, they are easily the warmest of the ones I've listed above. We're going to be at 26 high today, on a mountain, with 20-30 miles per hour winds. I'll love them even more after today is over. Oh and I marked "Fit as expected" since I already have two pairs. I might would lean towards "Somewhat large", which is what I needed. I don't think it's enough to change the size you order unless you're right on the borderline of the size chart. I see it more as more room for my foot to move around.
The frame and the fit was good. However the glare was still present enough that I couldn't see when I wore them driving. I couldn't use them daily so I returned them.
Very soft on the inside
Not as thin as normal dress socks which I prefer. Used for about 2 months now. No holes, strong material.
The hood is oversized and shaped a little funny, and the metal eyelets have a sharp inner edge to them that can get caught on things like your nose, eyebrows, or lips as you're pulling it off over your head. I dislike this sweatshirt compared to a fruit of the loom version I bought this to replace.
Great product!!
I LOVE this purse! It's light, roomy, easy to keep clean, and has a million pockets. Maybe best of all, though, the strap is long enough to go around my neck so it hangs at my side. I'm so glad I purchased this and use it all the time!
Even more than what I was looking for. Thank you.
I am a size 48 and these fit me true to size with a little wiggle room. I love the stretchy material that was added because it make the pants feel even more comfortable in my opinion. The crotch area is not too high and these sit right at my waist.
It fit, it was black and it looked cute.
Not as spacious as I had thought.
Glasses breaks and the frame bends really easily, good product but you must take really a lot of care of it.
This minimalistic designed belt is god for the casual wear. The automatic slide to click buckle fastens tightly. The buckle has a good weight to it so does not feel cheap. Good value.
Very Comfortable even when worn the First Time!
I wore Hanes socks for decades. But they started to get so thin when new that they just didn't last very long. So I switched to Gold Toe about 6-8 years ago. They are much thicker and more comfortable than Hanes and any other brand I have tried. I don't know if its my imagination, but it seems to me that the Gold Toe socks have been getting a little thinner when new the last year or so. That's why I only gave them 4 stars. I hope I am wrong, because when I pay a premium price for socks I expect premium quality.
Excellent product!!!