canvas painting 20x20

Cuentan con doble protección de impacto grado militar y están fabricadas con qitech™, un material innovador a prueba de golpes de hasta 2 metros. ¡No es broma!

canvas painting 20x20

Selfies everywhere. Our phone cases make their way into the hands of A-listers, influencers, and reality stars alike.

canvas painting 20x20

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Great minimalist wallet and excellent quality for the money.
I really do like these socks. Truth be told, I like my Carhartt socks the best, but these are a very close second. I would order more if needed.
Love it
These did not work for me. Large was way to tight for my 34 waste.

going back to Hanes - our most comfortable from Kohls
I'm a woman, 5 foot 9 inches and just over 200lbs. The Large fit perfect. I prefer mens swim shirts to womens because their longer in the torso and this fit snugly just above the hips. Will definitely buy again when this one wears out.
Beautiful! Awesome value
It arrived a little stiff, which made getting cards in or out difficult. but use has remedied that problem, but not to the point that the cards are loose. However that same snugness which holds the bank cards in place means that putting business cards in it just hasn't been possible.without putting them in the zippered compartment, so if that's important to you, I suggest looking for another wallet, otherwise this is good.
The part that goes in the ear hole is flimsy and it bent several several times. It was bent coming out of the package. They are really pretty though and I received compliments which is the reason for 2 stars.
I bought 2 sets. The 5mm and 7mm. They are perfect for what I needed. The 5mm is TINY and that is exactly what I was looking for. The clip mechanism works great. This hoop isn't going to go anywhere!!! Nice delicate feel, very classy. I put the hoop at the middle of my ear, this hoop will work for almost any piercing. It would make a great nose Ring at the 8mm or more diameter
If you answer "yes" to any of these three questions you should buy this ratchet belt.

1) Have you ever needed an additional hole in your belt because one hole is too loose and the other too tight?

2) Have you ever eaten so much that your pants fit tighter?

3) Have you ever taken a poop so big that your pants fit looser?

When I put this on my wish list before Christmas I didn't really know what to expect. I needed a belt for sure and as I was searching I came across this belt and it got my attention. I read the reviews and it sounded promising. I am glad it did because it might just be the best gift I have received in several years. No longer do you have to worry about it being a smidge too tight or a smidge too loose. In an instant you can adjust this belt perfectly, and readjust it without anyone noticing. One trip too many to the buffet? With one finger you can loosen the belt ever so slightly, even before you stand if you want. Take that life changing poop and cinch that belt up just perfect.

I have been wearing the belt daily for the past two months and it still looks like new. The way it locks in place does not kink the belt at all which I assume will enable the belt to last longer. Trust me when I say that this belt is top notch. I hope I never have to wear the old style again.
These were a little tricky to clasp by yourself since they are so small but they stay put very well. I have 2 in my cartilage and the remaining 4 in my earlobes. The ones in my cartilage have turned black already but the rest are fine.
Broke not too long after purchasing. I'll stay away from MERRY's for a while.
Needed a light weight T-Shirt with a comfort fit. The material is soft, comfortable and what I was looking for at a reasonable price. Would recommend.
Calidad del producto
Great product and quick delivery.
Broke as soon as I tried to put on my daughter.
Was somewhat disappointed in this hat, the description did not indicate that it had an elastic head band which I am not fond of, gives me a head ache--after several hours, I found the brim to be marginally shapeable. I ordered a khaki colored hat, the one I received is more green than Khaki.
Like most of the stuff in their line it runs small.
I love how easy to wash and wear but do expect the color to fade slightly. Definitely wash before wear so all the dye will come out because if you get caught in the rain< you may turn purple, lol. I would order again.
It's a hat that sits just like I'd expect...On top of my head, right where I want it. What else is there to be said?
I love my Costa's. I have been wearing them for probably 10 yearsish now and loved every pair I have owned. They also have a very generous warranty if they break.
I work outdoors most of the time. Along with tons of sunblock, I need a good hat. This hat is super lightweight with a backflap to protect my neck. It comes with a detachable chin strap. Also very necessary. Easy to wash(remove chin strap). Does the job to where you don't have to think about it. Good find.
Really good. Fit as expected.
Very nice quality hat. Love it. Fits nice. Highly recommend.
Excelente tenis !!! Me encantan !!!
I love this necklace it adds style to any outfit
So far the best wallet of ever owned ...legit
These reading glasses are very reasonably priced. A lot of the reading glasses are not available in 4.0 X, and they work fine for me.
This bag is wonderful. Has a nostalgic kind of look. More compartments than you would think possible. Fits everything. Couldn't ask for more.
Great quality leather and the color is great. Enjoying it.