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Beautifully packaged and beautiful earrings Love them compared to boutiques that sell these same ones for $15 a piece this is a steal!
Looks great exactly what I ordered. I have not used it yet because of one small detail that is not included in the box. IT DOES NOT COME WITH MOUNTING BOLTS OR EQUIPMENT!!
This grey crossbody purse looks exactly the same way as in pictures. It is lightweight and fashionable. I love the tassels that makes the purse look even more beautiful. You should definitely purchase this crossbody, its perfect in size and design
Bought this for some support while at work. First time wearing it was excellent, felt tons of support after I finally squeezed the thing on. After wearing 4-5 times however it feels like it is wearing out already.
My favorite wallet ever!! Easy to organize cards and easy to carry
Great socks!
Great quality a d great fit! Great price too!
Love this hat so much!! It fits great and I wear it all the time!
Cute wallet. It's a bit clunky. My main gripe is the one I got for my son has only been opened (the wallet itself, meaning the velcro closure) maybe 3 times and the threading that holds the velcro it is pulling apart. I honestly don't think it will last very long.
Strongly recommend this company and their products.
New and clean. Great.
I had purchased this exact pair at Urban Outfitters and felt the fit certainly ran small and the stitching on both outer quads a few inches underneath the pockets ripped at the seam. The only positive with this pair online is the price is half of what I spent.
according to my husband he love this sweatshirt so much. since I got it he wants to wear it even everyday funny I want to buy more in the near future for my husband the is excellent theres no question or complain .satisfied.
Shipping was good, packaging was good. Unless I got the wrong set of shirts, these shirts are NOT moisture wicking as described. In fact the shirts I received are closer to cotton which absorbs moisture.
Super good quality woven cloth cap with actual threaded/sewn on graphics. Go President Trump!
I recieved them today very happy with the product but only received 4 instead of 5...
It was a gift and the person I got it for loved it.
Good and inexpensive cap to have!
Shirts wash and wear really well
Ordered it for a cross I ordered from Amazon for my granddaughter's Confirmation. Bought in July 2019. Chain broke in December 2019, five months after I bought it, only 4 months after she received it. Jeweler said it was weak in a few other places. Pretty, but not strong.
Coolest sunglasses ever. The copper lenses are probably the baddest looking lens' I've ever seen. It almost has that HD type effect, things are very clear, excellent driving glasses and amazing value!!!
it is too small, One size my ass. The Size is small. But Otherwise it is a good product and I intent to give it as a gift.
Beautiful packaging and. The bracelet itself was nicer than I expected. Great gift!
Bought this before going on vacation and what a disappointment it turn out to be. Nothing like advertised. Takes forever to dry. When its wet it is easier to pull your skin of than to remove this shirt. And it gets really heavy as well. All together a huge disappointment.
Exactly what I wanted! Perfect fit!
The best in the world!
Fits nice
They fit good but they don't stay up I bought 2 packs an have been wearing a new pair everyday for the last week an their all the same after 15 minutes of walking around you gotta pull up your socks it's so frustrating so my advice spend a little more on better quality socks. It's funny though a I've got Dickies pants, shirts, shorts even 2 jackets an their good quality products they can make workpants that will last for years but they can't make socks. This is frustrating having to pull up your socks all the time.