I bought these for motorcycle riding. They have the padding on the backside of the frame that allows for ventilation. They are as well made as seasonal motorcycle glasses I buy but much, much cheaper in price. I also like the fact that you get 3 different shades of glasses, so now I have glasses for riding at night that also look nice. The glasses were also shipped quickly. For the price, I don't think you can't do any better.
I love mine
Very happy with the quality and desgin.
My husband received this as a gift for Christmas! They fit his RayBan's Perfectly!!
It has a nice soft finish and was delivered as advertised.
when you get older zippers are convienent
Easy to wear. Perfect for summer
I like that it holds everything from cards to checks and money
great just what i expected
I had this bag in mint color. it lasted 3 years before the color chipped off. It was the perfect size not huge but large enough to sneak a couple snacks into the movies. I ordered a new one in the burgundy but decided I dont like the color (too purple, not as red as pictured)... May have to order a black..,
Only con is the lining is loose and tends to hide whatever youre looking for.
I bought this for my husband and he appreciates how slim the wallet is. But it limits the amount of cash and cards.
The boys are thrilled and grinning like a cheshire cat on Friday night ! I highly reccomend these boxers as they are the most comfortable underwear that I have ever owned.
Great quality piece with chain. Doesnt look or feel cheap and the packaging is super cute where you could just quickly gift it.
I did allot of research before buying this and I'm happy with the features and quality.
Nice heavy cotton tee. I really like the dusty olive black color and the length is good on a tall frame.
Fits well & extremely absorbent
Got it for my sister who had a mess with vards now she loves it. She can carry everything but she still thinks its a bit small, so i guess it works for people that dont need to carry many many cards
These socks are outstanding!!! We've been searching for YEARS to find good quality cotton blend socks and these are wonderful and breathe great! Nice to have some variety in color, they wash great, and just feel so comfortable on.
I have been using these shirt stays for the last six months at least four days a week and this is the style I prefer most. I am not sure if this brand is better than the others but I am impressed at how it has held up and would buy them again. I tried the 'Y' shaped and I prefer the four individual straps because that are more versatile in how you can position them and tension them to ensure a shirt remains tucked.
I bought these for my husband 5 foot 11 inch man in his mid 50's. Size 9 1/2 shoe. 10-15 lbs overweight. The quality is just fine but these are very very snug on his calves. Too the point that he is not wearing them-somewhat difficult to get on and leaves impressions on his legs that are uncomfortable. Giving these to relative that is much younger and smaller in the legs. I consider my husband a medium size male so be careful about the fit of these.
Ive already bought two of these and I love them, Im 411 female and weigh 115 I bought a mens Medium and its oversized almost alittle too over sized, going to get a small next time. But they are good quality and the colors are nice and vibrant.
Nice item
Great hat
I get remarks all the time about how cute it is. I love it and would recommend it anytime.
I love this purse!
It is so pretty and well made.
I just may get it in another color as well.
Well worth the money.
Great quality and very roomy. My laptop fits perfectly!
Just what I expected
Amazing! Ive received so many compliments on this bag. Really good quality, Ive been using it everyday for the last month and no wear or tear. I have bags Ive purhased at retailers for a higher price point that start showing tear after long term everyday use. So if youre questioning it, dont. Just BUY IT!
My husband loves these socks. Had me order more so he didnt run out. They have good stretch, are comfortable, and dont slip down. Good quality.
Great quality leather. Stitching looks nice. A little on the small side for cards larger than a credit card.