The draw string was sowen to the shorts
He loves these socks for their high quality and comfort. Other socks are made of polyester and are of poor quality. Hope they don't change these!
They work - nothing fancy - I do really like the clips...
I recently purchased both the Amazon Essentials hoodie and sweat pants and they are literally the most comfortable pair of sweats I have ever owned. I cannot believe the quality for such a low price. Highly recommended!
I love it! I had been looking for a cross body with a wide strap for comfort. This is perfect!
I don't know if machine washing is recommended but I have twice & it came out looking new again.
However, it is not recommended for carrying people ; p
Fantastic Value, would only change the inner lining....

This bag is small but swallows a lot. It easily holds a small wallet if you do not want to use the "wallet pocket" section. All the zipper compartments are fantastic to have places for kindles and earphones and phones and combs and sunglasses (not huge ones, and their hard cases will not fit) and keys and lip stuff and so on. I have stuffed a small water bottle in the big pocket, but then it usually does not close and is just a "holder" for it, with most stuff out of the big pocket if so. The strap is adjustable, so great! And the bag is small enough to fit into a tote when I need to carry lots of things, and then pull out for the quick trips or to wear cross body to keep on my person while the tote with non-valuables stays put in a public or big-group setting.

The one thing I'd change is the nylon lining, cheap and at times it bugs me. It's one of those types of liners that sometimes sticks to what you are pulling out, if you've stuffed the bag, and comes up with your hand, and then you need to stuff it back down, annoying. But mostly it stays put for me, and I've mostly forgotten about it as I use the bag. For the price, I'd take one in every color. Love it.
Nothing beats ray Bans
This is advertised as 12 pairs of socks. There were only 6 pairs. There is no way to contact the seller. The socks are probably fine, but it is not worth this price to only get 6 pairs.
Simple.Looks nice.
Its ok. It works fine but I have my doubts that its authentic Oakley.
I love these glasses! Very comfortable and they make everything crisp and clear.
I bought this as a gift, it is very sparkly and nice looking. Luckily the person I bought it for has very small wrists because this is a very tiny bracelet.
I like the style of the rounded tortoise shell colored material, and I like the price. They look much like the best of this type that I've seen, but the best costs at least 10 times more. If they stand up the wear I'll give them for a year or more, I'll consider them a good buy.
I continue to be diagnosed with "suspicious" moles (not yet cancerous) by my dermatologist. So, I decided I needed to add some protection while I am outdoors. I found these shirts after a long and detailed search for "sun shirts". The reviews posted by previous buyers were very helpful and pointed me in the right direction. One great piece of advice out of the reviews was that the shirts run large, so I went to a medium (vs. normal large) and it's perfect. It's designed to be a little long in the arms (to help provide full coverage in the sun).

The material is light-weight and pretty breathable as well. I used these shirts while working outdoors this summer, and live in the Chicago-area, where it gets very hot and humid. The shirts help wick the sweat away, and dry pretty quickly. In the high heat it's much better to use these than a cotton shirt. I'm planning on trying them out on a cruise we are taking in February, and to Mexico in March. I'm sure they will continue to perform well and let me stay outside longer (when combined with sun screen).
love these. purchased a couple pairs about 4 years ago. Glad they still make them.
Couple problems with this. Doesn't block the sun nor will it help see straight if your trying to drive your car. Find another pair that have blueblockers.
He loves it!!! Perfect for cash and plenty of places for cards & ids
Quality Good, Size runs a bit small
Great belt, great price!!
Not what I expected! Looks used and the hardware looks like dull brass!
I used it as a sun protector during my car driving journey. Excellent.
My husband loves his suspenders! He is wearing them all the time now.
Beautiful little purse! The color is gorgeous and the leather is very soft and supple. I just received it a week ago, so haven't used it long enough to determine how durable it will be, but it appears very well made and holds far more than one would think at first glance. I am very impressed with it!
I have had this wallet for a month and the color on the leather is already wearing off on the edges.
These are excellent and fit great. Not as bulky or ugly as most.
NOT 80% cotton! 52%. I should have trusted what I was reading in some of the other reviews. Inaccurate website description... I didn't try them because socks with too much polyester make my feet sweat (a blend of ~80% cotton and ~20% polyester, as the description for these ones state but are not, is usually optimal).
I like the softness of the material, the pockets, and roominess. All this and compact.
It's timberland of course it's good
This is a fantastic wallet! I bought this as a gift for my husband. The packaging it came in was beautiful! :)