Great product. Fits comfortably and great quality even after washing.
As expected. No flaws or missing details.
Great value.
Good quality
The case came fast and just as described. I would definitely buy again in other colors to have a collection.
Great fit
love it and so surprised how much fits in it and how
well made it is .
Love this product so much!!! I never like to spend too much on sunglasses but I worry about the quality when I order sunglasses for less of a price, but these are so worth it! I will definitely be getting more pairs from them! They protect my eyes so well, have great coloring, and lasted me very well on my road trip to Arizona. love this company and product!
Fit perfectly
I bought this item as a pledge to make physical and sporting activities.
They are super comfortable and soft, only they were a little big to me.
I recomeindo .
I liked this purse, and it was a great value, but it didn't last long. I I had one pocket rip within a day or two, which wasn't a big deal for me as I don't always use the pockets in my bags. So, I kept using it and had more issues as time went on. (I do fill my bags with way too much stuff so it could be consumer issue.) I have had this bag about 6 months and it has started to fall apart. The rubber pieces on the sides of the straps started coming off within a couple months. It looked tacky as they just peeled off. I eventually retired the bag and got a new one. I liked how this bag came shipped with paper inside to keep the integrity of the bag. The extras are also a huge bonus. I like the little bag for traveling and short trips. The smaller pieces are still in good condition after using a couple of times. If you are someone who swaps your handbags out regularly for a different look/color and/or doesn't fill your bag to the brim with heavy things--this is for you.
Love it! Someone stole mine cause it was so awesome, had to get another.
Have used these boxers before and like the quality. Will purchase again
I'm a slim guy so these fit great. If I had a beer belly would be too small !
Stays tucked into his jeans, which is why we buy the tall.
The best wallet I have ever had
Excellent product! Love it!
PERFECT bag for travel. Fits right over the handle of carryon. Folds down to a small flat square, smaller than a pair of pants. Really nice plus that it comes with the smaller zip bag inside.
These were a replacement pair for the ones that got damaged this past weekend. Costly mistake, sitting on them. But, they are so light and stylish, it was a no-brainer to buy a new pair. Hoping that these don't get abused like the last ones!
They do what they say they do I guess but the elasticity advertised is not accurate. They were big and did not stretch or contract as I thought they would. A month and a half later and I've worn one once
As advertised
They are nice looking, however the waist band turnover even though their my size.
I have barely had this just over a month. I just missed the return date by a couple days. Ive never worn it in the water and its already tarnishing. I have other products I bought from them as well that I will be returning and I wont buy for them again very disappointed. I would have given it no stars but it wouldnt let me.
Excellent quality nice feel and look
Although it is beautifull , there is not enough space for all my items. But I'm still a Calvin Klein Fan!
I had lost an expensive pair of sport sunglasses that cost $125 to replace. I was frustrated taking my prescription glasses off and on to use the sunglasses and finally lost them out of my pocket. My problem was the awful night time glare hitting my glasses and the windshield at night from on coming traffic in LA area. The 2nd problem is I need to wear my bi-focal glasses. The idea of wearing my own glasses, overcoming glare and replacing my sunglasses at $25 for 2 pair seemed like a good thing to try. It worked! The sunglasses seem ridiculously light and yet sturdy. There is NO extra weight on top of your own glasses and I can't tell you how many times I "forgot" I had these sunglasses on! The clarity is fantastic. I slip the daytime pair on and off my own glasses going in and out of stores with ease. I'm not at the mercy of sunglasses with "reader" bifocals or not be able to wear my own prescription glasses. The reduction of night time glare is worth it alone on aging eyes. This is really a genius of an idea. They work fine and look just like regular sunglasses by themselves. This is a very good solution for 2 pairs of both day and night time glasses! I use mine daily with comfort and I would recommend you give them a try if you are tired of glare.
Great! Got what I expected. Good value
Does fit pandora bracelet like advertised
good fit and quality