I was looking for a decent pair socks at a decent price.Then i found these socks,they are very good quality slightly thicker than most budget socks.I will be getting more if these ever wear out.
It fits great
The robe arrived on time and it fits me nicely.
I've worn it a few times since it received it and it's nice and warm.
This is my second pair of these sun glasses and my 4th pair of oakleys...i need good quality sun glasses for working outside durring the summer, oakley has the best lenses imho, they are super clear that i sometimes forget i have them on, my eyes always seemed no hurt from straining all day with cheap sunglasses...not with these!
If you go exactly be the size markings on the back of the belt, i suggest you try it at a size larger because i cut my belt a little to short.
It ripped the first time I used it.
Beautiful and fashion not small, perfect size
Gift for my son. Looks amazing.
Since I got these, I now notice everyone else's flapping collars.

Every guy should have a set, they will make your shirts look sharp!
A very good hat. Well sewn, good flexible material, and a lustrous color, especially for brown. I have a couple of dozen caps and this is one of the best of the lot. I recommend it.
Used for my knife
This was great for the price. I have no complaints.
Material used to make this is very poor quality. Shorts fit more like really tight boxer briefs on me.

Highly un-recommended
This necklace was so beautifully packed complete with a little card & matching gift bag! Truly packed with care! Highly recommend!!
They look awesome, and it comes with the case, a cloth case, a cleaning cloth, and a mini screedriver to fix any loose screws. Wore them to a party and got so many compliments! Definitely my new fave pair of glasses!
As I was changing my items over, the zipper tag came completely off. Will try for a refund.
I work as a mountain guide and I use this basically almost every summit day! It's thin which is perfect for being breathable and not making me sweat like crazy hiking uphill, but is just enough to cover my ears, head and neck and keep them from being cold and exposed to wind. If i ever lose mine or wear it out i will definitely be getting another one!
The size 4-5 is smaller than gerber size 2. Ridiculously small.
I absolutely love these. They literally never slip off my heels. My only drawback is that they arent no shows for vans/Sperrys or slip-on shoes. Athletic shoes these are perfect. Breathe-able, lightweight, they hold up through several washes. I love them. Bought a second pack because I love them so much.
I got this for my Hubby and he loved it!!
I bought these after experiencing glare during nighttime driving. I especially had trouble if the roads were wet. I have found these glasses greatly reduce the glare and improve night vision. I would recommend them to anyone who struggles with night driving.
Second time zipping up. Jammed
Super cute but the strap broke off after one use.
Exactly what I wanted. Fit perfectly.
I used these for one shift and it cut the side of my calf. The way the stitching of the bottom clasp (see image attachment) is stitched it started cutting into my skin! After my 12 hour shift my cut was BURNING. This is ONE shift. These are the WORST shirt stays I have ever used.
I love this and everyone else loves it. I will buy this for the rest of my life. My iPhone 6plus fits in it. Everything I need fits in it and its also small enough that its just so lovely..
Normally an XL fits me perfectly.....so I ordered these in XL...... lol these "XL" shirts are different sizes all marked "XL"..... compared them to my sons medium shirts and these were still a tad smaller lol..... dont waste your time here and keep on looking
Wore this once for a Halloween costume. After 1 wash it is already coming apart at the seams around shoulder. You get what you pay for...
Looks different in person. Cheap looking. Not sure how someone could wear all three separate necklaces at once (like the picture). I tried this and the necklaces did not stay nicely on my neck but instead got weirdly tangled up. This is definitely a case of you get what you pay for. I am giving 2 stars overall instead of 1 because you can wear the necklaces separately and it looks okay.
I liked that the pockets were standard depth & not shortened.