make a photo phone case

There are other fast-drying and "tech" material boxers out there, but these also last a long time! Unlike some of the other tech fabrics in this price that fall apart these are actually MORE durable than regular boxers.
Wore one pair once and the have a hole worn in them already...... wore them
For about three hours. Cheap Walmart socks keep
my feet warm when doubles up and do not get holes in one wear.
I think theyre great. I bought a pair a month or so ago. I liked him so much I decided buy two more pairs. I like it that they did not skimp on belt loops. And theres two little pockets I didnt realize were there, when I purchased the first pair, that my phone fits right in by the cargo pockets.
This is an amazing wallet, no issues at all
Awesome wallet for 80% less than the same wallet from other vendors. Fast shipping and excellent value.
I didn't read this carefully enough. I bought these because I fell for the cool shades of grey.The boxers came in a blue plaid color set. I now see it said this all along. Oh well. They're nice. And so is the fit.

Thinner than I expected.
I just don't like the two-seam backside. But this is quite normal in today's underwear, so it probably won't affect most of y'all.
Love ut
love them
Comfortable but very thin. Stretched out after first wear.
Wow, these fit as I expected and they are comfortable!
I like the bag price was lowered after purchase
My daughter loves it so much
Purchased for my husband but I have yet to let him wear it. Perfect thickness for lounging around or pajamas. Will need to buy a second for my husband now.
Fits great, mechanic husband loves them. He's picky. Will definitely buy again.
Very comfortable socks
Comfortable and my toddler loves pointing out the animals on them. They don't have holes in them after wearing them a couple of times like the cheap socks I was buying from Kohl's and hoping they'd hold up.
One of the earrings was already broken when I removed them out from the box. They are cute and very dainty but no good if already broken.
Great glasses. Light, comfortable and stylish. I love wearing them all the time. Great value. I would highly recommend them
I was shocked at how nice this bag is! Bigger than I expected, has a zipper closure and a convenient inside pocket to hold some cash or your cell phone. I loved it so much I ordered a second one for myself and gave this one to my daughter!
Nice quality, beautifully packaged and shipped quickly. Like the description says, big, and holds anything and everything you desire. .
They're ok. They're Fruit of the Loom.. you know how they are. Slightly long and mediocre cotton quality. Bang for the buck.
My hubby really loves these hats I got him 2 colors for his birthday and he loves the fit and lightweight feel
Happy that these for over my glasses easily but the lenses pop out with little provocation.
Great quality.
Excellent quality, very comfortable and the size is perfect
Excellent choice for affordable sunglasses. I bought these for my husband and he really likes them.
My husband loves Hanes shirts. He wears them every day. He usually wears the crew neck but he loves the V-neck much more! We've had no problems but don't expect them to hold up forever. The last pack I bought lasted three years before we needed to replace the shirts due to holes and stains.
Havent used this product yet. It opens up laterally which exposed all you cards to everyone.